"THE #1 Doodle Software Allows You To Create Amazing and NEW Interactive Sketch Videos, SkyRocket Engagement And Boost Sales by 337% for ANY Business"

NEW Interactive Edition allows LIVE links in video to Facebook, YouTube , Skype, Sound Cloud and many more...

Create Sketch Video with 'drag n drop' interface.

Add Interactive hotspots LIVE in video linking to Facebook, YouTube, Soundcloud & many more

Click 'Build' and Upload. Your sketch video is ready!

Watch the Amazing NEW Interactive Easy Sketch Pro 3.0 build a video from scratch and make it Interactive.

Here's a Dirty Little Secret Most Video Player Creators Will NEVER Tell You" 

An open letter from Paul Lynch,
Andrew Fox & Com Mirza

Dear Reader,

You've probably seen buzz word of 2015...."Video".

In fact - we like to call it the video band wagon, where nearly every product released seems to include the word "video" in it...

...even if it's totally unrelated!

Most popular video player are incredibly feature rich, tech savvy works of art.

In fact, we admire how good there features are..

So whats the problem?

These video players are built by GREAT technical people...BUT in most cases, many are poor marketers.

It's NOT the amazing features that makes a video sell... its the ENGAGEMENT.

And guess what?

Doodle videos are proven to be the biggest converting, cash sucking conversions tools online

Average Video Players may sell 2000 - 3000 copies....

Easy Sketch Pro Has Sold Over 55,000 Copies! Because Animated Doodle Sketch Videos Are The REAL Way To Boost Conversion Rates by 437% And More.

Easy Sketch Pro Is The Only Video Player To Be Investor Backed By Com Mirza - Net Worth $550+ Million

Listen to why Com Mirza invested into Easy Sketch Pro in his own words

Over $40 Million! Sold By the #1 Seller on ClickBank In 'Health & Fitness' - Check out his sales video. Doodle and Video Animation!

The Venus Factor has generated $40 Million in Revenue as state above!

Do you think it was the "fancy features of video player that generated that kind revenue..?

No Way!

It has the Animated Engaged Nature of the presentation that does it!

Look! Testimonials from Hollywood film producers, regular business owners, doctors, school teachers...

Steve Rudnik - Hollywood Film Producer

Lubo Varga - Underground Affiliate Marketer

What Do People Think Arround The World!

Here 's How Easy It Is To Create A Professional  And Interactive Doodle Sketch Video With Easy Sketch Pro 3.0

Create Your Doodle Sketch Video With ESP 3

Upload Any Live Video - The Software Will Sketch out the Opening Scene Transition From Sketch to Live – Breathtaking!

  • Upload any video and the software will sketch out the opening scene then make the mind blowing effect from Sketch to Live Video
  • User can set the drawing time of the sketch before it transitions to LIVE video
  • Add your own music or voice over to both sketch and/or live video

Sketch Any Text, Image, Music or Voice Over To The LIVE Video

  • Add Your Own Text With Drag 'N' Drop Interface
  • Add Your Own background music, voice over or select from our vast library of ready made tracks
  • Add your own images or use our huge resource of royalty free images
  • Everything is totally 100% customizable

Import Any Video Onto The Timeline While Your Sketch Video Is Playing

  • Drop In a Live Video While Your Sketch Video Is Playing With a few clicks
  • Extremely Powerful - Imagine selling this to local businesses like fitness clients and restaurants. You include a live video of their service like cooking or a gym routine while the sketch does the rest.
  • DOUBLE engagement by switching up things and keeping viewers entertained. The longer they stay the greater the chance of the sale.

Choose From Our Stunning Library of Amazing Backgrounds

  • Don't want to start on a blank canvas? No problem! Now you can choose from various professional canvas types.
  • Rom the glittering lights of a billboard in New York to the sun drenched beaches of Cancun, you can really make your sketch video come alive like never before.

Over 50 New Pens, Brushes, Chalk, Crayons At Your Fingertips

  • Spice up your sketch video and tailor to your EXACT audience with this amazing new feature
  • Selling something for a particular audience? Then choose from any gender, colour, race to your liking. If your selling male fitness naturally a male hand would make more sense.
  • Create the EXACT style of video you want... Do you prefer a chalk effect, brush, hard pen, crayon, e.g. for kids teaching?

Add Amazing NEW Interactivity To Your Video

Amazing Social Media Integration – Tie Into Facebook, Youtube, Twitter , Sound Cloud and Add Hot Spots

  • Amazing New Technology lets you think “Interactive Hotspots” LIVE in your video
  • Example when you discuss your Facebook page you can say “Click our FB Icon now” and it will open in a new window to your Fan Page. Input any URL you want.
  • Add Sound cloud. Are you a musician or podcaster? Get people to interact and listen to your audio tracks like never before
  • You Tube - Link To Your YouTube Channel or even link to a YouTube video you don't even own. Leverage other peoples content
  • Choose the EXACT time you want the hot spot to appear and disappear – you are in full control!

Collect Optins With All Major Autoresponders & Manual Option

  • Capture Optins live from inside your sketch video
  • Auto Integrates with most popular Auto Responder such as Aweber, Get Response, Mail Chimp, Send Reach, Go To Webinar,
  • Add Your Own Auto Responder via manual html code option available too
  • Multiple interactive icons to choose from various colours and sizes - over 50 in our library

Built in Video Analytics, Retargeting + Add Google Analytics

  • Built in Analytics to every separate video you create. View which countries traffic is coming from. Tip: If you buy solo ad traffic that you expect is high quality but it comes from a poor country you know there is foul play at work
  • Hot Spot Analytics – When you Add in Hot Spots see how many clicks these call to actions are getting in your videos and adjust accordingly. Are they better at start, middle or end of video? Analyze and then adjust
  • Add your own Google Analytics Code TO Every Video
  • With out built in analytics see which browser, mobile or non mobile, operating system which source the traffic came from

Branding Your Video With Unlimited Options

  • Adding your own branding logo and change shape, size and position on page using the 'drag n srop' interface.
  • Change the  Colour of control bar, player bar. Make it unique as you want
  • If you are building videos for your clients add their logo as an upsell. Otherwise put your own video company logo there

Live Interactive "Click" to Call Within Your Video

  • Can be set to call a Skype Number or Regular Telephone Number
  • This feature is INCREDIBLE for products or service that required selling to be closed over the phone. Examples insurance quotes, high end coaching, high level personal training service
  • Add in From Our Drop Down Box of Pre Set Countries Codes  - Over 200 listed!
  • If Your using Skype we also have a “Skype” Preset Icon

Publish Video Via Public Link, Embed Code or Direct Facebook

  • You can post your new video however you want Public, Embed  or Facebook
  • Facebook is great for more distribution as they tend to lower edge rank for external linking videos outside the FB Ecosystem
  • The choice is yours

Upload and Publish To YouTube, Wistia, Vimeo, VeeRoll, Google Videos In a Matter of Seconds!

Fully Customize EVERYTHING! Icons, Features, Hot Spots, Social Interaction – Easy Sketch 3.0 Is Light Years Ahead Of The Competition – The Complete Sketch & Video Creator and Editor

Add your autoresponder:

Aweber, Getresponse, Mailchimp, Sendreach, Campaign Monitor
Add your webinar registration form from GoTo Webinar
URL redirects with calls to action

Full Social Integration to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and many more

Follow me on Facebook
Follow me on Twitter
Add & Display YouTube Videos in Your Video
Add & Display Vimeo Videos in Your Video
Soundcloud - Play mp3's in your videos
Tap to call - have leads phone you directly from the video
How you can customize the behaviour:
Choose from over 500 icons at present
Choose size of hotspot
Choose colour
Choose time you want it to be visible
Choose position on video that you want it
Choose Force capture or not - (Video will not play again until person has clicked on hotspot)
Choose text
You will be able to display your Interactive Easy Sketch Pro videos here: 
On the URL the software provides
In Facebook tabs
In Facebook newsfeeds
On any site that will accept an embed code that the software provides

Easy Sketch Pro Works In UNLIMTED Industries. Charity Events, Internet Marketing, School and Education, Poetry, Work Presentations ...


Use Whiteboard Animation To Make More Engaging Videos

If you already make videos for whatever reason (or plan to), whiteboard animation is a ‘no-brainer’ addition to your repertoire. And, if you aren’t using video in your business yet, this is a great way to start!

Use Whiteboard Animation To Promote Affiliate Offers

When you promote an affiliate offer, the chances are that there will be hundreds, if not thousands, of other people doing exactly the same thing.

How do you stand out from the crowd and get people to click on your links and not the other guy’s? Why not create a simple whiteboard animation video to introduce the key benefits of the offer?

Very few people are using whiteboard animation yet and so your pitch is going to be both unusual and entertaining.

Offer Whiteboard Animation As a Service

Marketers and businesses are currently spending $100s or even $1000s per minute to have whiteboard animation videos made for them because the perception is that they are very difficult and expensive to make (which they are the traditional way).

There is going to be huge demand for an affordable whiteboard animation service and you could be the one to provide it.

Use Whiteboard Animation To Increase Optins 

If you are an Internet marketer, you are more than likely to be sending people to an ‘optin page’ where you offer them some form of free gift in exchange for their email addresses. This is called ‘list building’.

The problem with optin pages is that they all look so similar these days. And, to be honest, they are pretty dull and uninteresting!

Use an entertaining whiteboard animation video on your optin page and you are much more likely to grab people’s attention. Even better, create a ‘two-part’ video that leaves viewers wanting more. To get more, of course, they have to leave their email address to see ‘part 2’.

Use Whiteboard Animation To Make Your Blog Or Website ‘Stickier’ 

If you have a blog or website, you want to keep your visitors on it for as long as possible. In other words, you want to increase its ‘stickiness’.

Whiteboard animation videos are much more engaging than more traditional screen capture or ‘talking head’ videos. They tell a visual story and people love stories. They also give you the opportunity to inject some humour into your content without detracting from the message you are trying to get across.

Use Whiteboard Animation To Get ‘Traffic’ 

Most marketers know the power of getting a video on YouTube (or other video service) and then getting it viewed. In fact, YouTube is the second most used search engine online.

But most people shy away from creating videos, either because they don’t want to be seen on camera or because they don’t think they can master the technical aspects.

Whiteboard animation videos (if you can create them cheaply) are the perfect answer. You write a script, record it and then create images to accompany it. It’s quick, engaging and even fun to do.

Use Whiteboard Animation Instead Of Sales Copy

Many marketers struggle with writing good ‘sales copy’ (the words that sell their product or service).

Instead, why not create a whiteboard animation video or, even better, a series of videos that gets your message across. They say a picture is worth a thousand words and it is certainly true that many people prefer watching and listening to having to wade through dry text

Easy Sketch Pro Is Backed By Our Award Winning Customer Support 

Frequently Asked Questions.

What's the main difference between Easy Sketch Pro and other Video Creators?

While there are many video products and services available, very few rival Easy Sketch Pro for its ease of use and "drag 'n' drop" ability to create Sketch Videos.

Sketch videos are PROVEN to convert 2-3 times higher in most cases and with the new interactive features the numbers are going to increase off the charts.

What format does Easy Sketch Pro Export to?

It exports to .Mp4 format

Does any other video service have backing from an investor worth $500 Million like Com Mirza?

Not that we are aware off! Mr Mirza could fully see the value and potential in Easy Sketch Pro and was very keen to the fact that it could be used in countless industries.

He was also aware of how innovative and advanced it was compared to other video creators on the market.

Is there a recurring fee to use the software or is it one-off?

Currently, Easy Sketch Pro is a one-off during this special promotional period

Easy Sketch Pro 3.0 Interactive – The #1 Doodle Sketch Software Online

Create Sketch Video with 'drag n drop' interface.

Add Interactive hotspots LIVE in video linking to Facebook, YouTube, Soundcloud & many more

Click 'Build' and Upload. Your sketch video is ready!

Your Investment is Totally Risk Free With Our 100% Satisfaction Policy

We want you to be 100% satisfied with your investment into Easy Sketch Pro 3.0. So here is our "no quibble", iron clad guarantee. If you download the software and it doesn't carry out every feature we have demonstrated, in an easy-to-use fashion, just post a refund request on our Support Desk and we'll issue you with a prompt and courteous refund. Simple as that!

Here Is Everything You Get For This Small One Time Payment...


Transition from Sketch To Live Video Intros

Upload your own music background

Upload your own images

Upload your own videos

Professional polished backgrounds

Packed Image-Ready Libary

Mac/PC Compatible

One off Charge (No Monthly Fees)

No Export/upload hidden fees

Add your autoresponder - Aweber, Getresponse, Mailchimp, Sendreach, Campaign Monitor

Full Social Integration to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter & many more

Customize all behaviour

Display your Interactive Easy Sketch Pro  anywhere

Videos made will have the  "Made by Easy Sketch Pro on  bottom  right"

No branding! Add your own logo

No branding, add your own logo and over 12,000 premium image and sound tracks ($360 worth)


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