It is an established fact that a picture or video is more engaging than paragraph upon paragraph of never-ending text. We’ll be honest with you: attention spans on the Internet are very short. If your audience is presented with long text, they will move on elsewhere.

When you are trying to convey complex concepts, the best way to do so is in the form of a video. But getting talking heads, or paid actors, and investing in video production can be prohibitively expensive, with the result that many marketers decide not to opt for videos at all. As a result, they tend to miss out on a very powerful communication medium that will drive their point home, and make it stick in the minds of their target audience.

This is exactly where whiteboard animation comes in. Through a whiteboard animation tool such as Easy Sketch Pro, you can very easily make dry material even more interesting with professional quality audio and real-time illustrations that make the material you are presenting pop off the screen and engage the user in a much more entertaining way as compared to traditional videos. If you are still undecided, here are four reasons to convince you:

Best Video Animation Software

It helps you stand out from the crowd

Animation has great mass appeal as compared to other forms of marketing videos. The “cartoonish” look and feel appeals to all kinds of audiences, regardless of age or gender. Research has shown that whiteboard viewers are more attracted to your message as compared to talking head videos and are also more likely to share the video on their social media channels.

This is the best time to use this kind of video as not many companies out there are using it, instead choosing to rely on more traditional forms of videos such as talking heads. Using whiteboard animations will help you stand out from the crowd, and make your message more memorable to your target audience.

It allows your audience to remember your message better

Whiteboard animations present your message in the form of a metaphorical visual format, which research has shown has the highest impact in terms of memory retention. In simple words, this means that your message will be more memorable and your viewers will remember the message for much longer as compared to traditional media.

Science tells us that easy objects can be absorbed and processed by the brain much more easily. Our brains are hardwired to pay attention to simple things, shunning complex ones, and whiteboard animations take advantage of this perfectly. Using the artist’s hand in the animation serves to drive the message further home – similar to a classroom environment in which a teacher writes down key messages on the board.

It will not take a significant chunk out of your budget

Making a marketing video the traditional way can cost you a significant penny. You will have to hire professional editors, shoot the video, edit the sound quality, engage actors, arrange for animators and arrange voice-overs – and all this will take quite a lot of time and obviously put a huge dent in your pocket as well.

Because whiteboard animation eliminates half of this hassle, and does not take as much time, it will end up costing you much less than other forms of videos, making it more economical and helping you increase your return on investment and get more profit.

It is so much simpler

You may think that it will take you a lot of time and effort to put together a marketing video, and it may turn you off completely if you are an amateur who really doesn’t know where to start and how to go about it. But whiteboard animation is really not as difficult to put together as other forms of animation, making it perfect for those who are just starting out. First of all, you need to be clear about the goals you intend to achieve with your marketing video, and the main points you need to get across to your audience.

Then, prepare a script that will incorporate all the main points you have jotted down. Once you have finalised the script, a voice-over artist is hired in order to read it out. It is only when this stage is complete that an animator is hired to bring the script to life. Because whiteboard animations only employ rough sketches and doodles, they tend to be much cleaner and require less editing as compared to the traditional animations.

If there is something in the animation that you don’t like, you change it with very little effort, which helps to save you a bit of cost and time as well. This entire process takes only a few weeks, keeping cost and effort to a minimum which has the added advantage of keeping your costs low as well.