Blogging is easy when it comes to maintaining it with content. Publishing blog posts is relatively easier than working on the strategies to bring significant traffic.

People have tried their luck in this respect. Some of them learnt and got to learn a trick or two. Others, made their way to success by following those who have found the secret to bring traffic.

Here, in this article we have highlighted top 6 methods to generate traffic. These tricks are more in trend as compared to rest. So, let’s read on and get familiarize with them.

Tip # 6: Press Release and Publication:

The importance of press release in the current information age is underestimated. Perhaps because of the integrity of “other” marketing tools and methods. Even though it is not very important but still, has its own worth.

No wonder press release doesn’t provide perfect marketing strategy. Even then, it has its role on how the content becomes viral or gets distributed among visitors. In such cases, the best solution is to provide and distribute content in social media.

Other ways are to publish them as the guest posts, backlinks, and emails. Paid and free of cost promotion channels indeed stand parallel to each other. What it implies are the authenticity of paid blog posts and Web 2.0 submissions.

Bearing all these aspects in your mind, it is good and profitable to share press releases in your blog. These posts generate more traffic. Reasons why press release is a good idea are:

  • Generates authority and reliability. The page becomes more substantial in terms of growth in traffic.
  • If you post press release in your blog, there are high chances of journalists contacting you. These will ask you to give the opportunity to work with you rendering their services as the reporter or journalist.
  • Naturally, SEO will enable the blog’s visibility.
  • Call to actions in a press release gives more leads.

In short, if you want your blog to boost and get more traffic, start publishing press release posts.

Tip # 5: Social Media and Local Advertisements:

Social signals and social media marketing are the latest trends to elevate traffic. The probability of fewer followers might become a hindrance.

At this point, you may become baffled and start thinking about how to reach the targeted audience. Advertising helps in the upheaval of the posts on the blogs.

So, what you can do is to run advertisements on social media. The real aim of the advertisements is to promote the content published on the blog. Prices vary from 4 cents to a dollar for one click.

And that has a good fortune there. ClickFunnels account is created for users to go in the exact direction.

Tip # 4: Group discussions about bloggers:

Competitors of the blog are different from other bloggers. Mentioning them on your blog will bring organic traffic without much hassle.

Before mentioning these important bunch of bloggers, you first have to dig their presence. Despite it may sound too tacky, there are ways to find popular and trendy bloggers.

Tools like FollowerWonk and BuzzSumo are good for connecting people of the relative field. Twitter, Facebook, Google and other social media platforms are also there to connect bloggers. There are actually two reasons on why to highlight bloggers in your blog.

  • It’ all about what goes around comes around or in other words “Karma”!
  • Bloggers will get traffic on their sites. At times, these bloggers will become generous and give a token of appreciation through backlinks.

Tip # 3: High resolution and augmented images:

Besides content optimization, pictures also need to be of high resolution. As we know Google search engine also provides us the image searches.

It is to make it easy for the visitor to land on where they want, mostly a blog. And this blog can be yours too. For best traffic in the blog, you should know the image optimization procedures, create the sitemap for an image by adding schema markup.

Tip # 2: Content – 1500 words long:

Web sites are overly packed with the content containing 500 words. There are those blogs too where content is between 1200 and 1500 words. Such posts bring in more traffic because of the comprehensive details of the matter.

Always write 1500 words long articles and enjoy boosted traffic. According to the study (carried out in 2012), Google loves long content and that is why it ranks it higher than the short article.

In case you don’t have time and want the blog running, you can hire a freelancer to help you out in the writing field.

Tip # 1: Email – the Strongest Tool:

Expert bloggers don’t get much time to check on who is mentioning them. However, they surely go and check the blog where you have mentioned them if you intimate them about it.

Now, the question arises as to how to reach these people whom you have mentioned? Well, the easiest way out is through emails. Always put the subject line to draw their attention towards the mail dumped in the spam folder.


Above mentioned tricks are in trend to boost the traffic in a blog. Emailing and showing the best of the best to the world generally brings traffic. All you need to know is the marketing strategies through web and internet.

SMM (social media marketing), emailing, content with high resolution picture and press release publications are the protectors to bring more traffic. The end result of good traffic promises excellent earning.